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The History of The Freeman Farm

A Family Farm since 1915, Arthur Freeman is regarded as the pioneer of the banana industry in Australia and he began growing bananas in the Currumbin Valley, after leaving his banana plantations in Fiji. The farm was established in 1915, and in the 1920’s became the largest commercial banana farm in Australia, with over 100 acres of bananas (100,000 banana trees) and 40 full-time employees. This same family farm from 1915 is now the only continuous commercial fruit and vegetable farm in Currumbin Valley that remains today. In honour of Arthur Freeman, the Albert Shire Council and Gold Coast City Council erected the ‘Arthur Freeman Lookout’.

Freeman’s Organic Farm has been run by four generations of Freeman’s. Sadly, Raymond Gower (Bill) Freeman, MBE, PDG passed away peacefully in October 2022 at an incredible 97 years young – may the great man rest in peace, may we never forget his legacy and may we always remember this giant but gentle man. His wife Lesley and their son David, are now currently running the farm, and will continue in the Freeman family. As too will the presence of the renowned 1972 yellow truck – a Jeep Gladiator J300 4WD, having done 40 years of hard farm work.

Traditionally Freeman’s Organic Farm grew high quality tropical fruits such as avocados, custard apples, mangoes, paw paws, and of course award winning bananas. Today, however Freeman’s Organic Farm have expanded their produce and grow a large range of organic fruits, vegetable and herbs. Thanks to the fertile volcanic basalt soils and the warm north-easterly aspect of the property, the quality, flavour, texture and nutrient density of the fruit grown here is second to none, and Freeman’s bananas have taken out first prize at the RNA Show.

We ask the local community to support this genuine farming family enterprise so we can deliver high quality fruit and vegetables grown on organic principles to the communities of Tomewin, Currumbin Valley and the southern Gold Coast.

Please feel free to message us on instagram or facebook or alternatively text Contact Famer David for a guided tour where he can tell you all about the farms history and the future prospects while being surrounded by bliss.